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        About Delaney

     Time off my mat is spent running my two sons to music and sports lessons, at the hospital in Indianapolis where I care for others as a Registered Nurse, traveling, learning, or dancing at live concerts. 

     I started dabbling in yoga in 2001.  It began as an at-home workout, which then took me to the community center.  I had a teacher who encouraged me to try yoga in a studio setting.  This led to the discovery of the many facets of yoga....from more intentional focus on the breath to the sacred energy shared with the other yogis in the room.  I simply love the feeling of becoming completely aware of my breath and my body for that hour.  This love of the practice of yoga and my desire to share it with others compelled me to take the journey through Invoke's 200 hour yoga teacher training.  Under Ahna Hoke, I studied with an amazing group of students who, like myself, long to share yoga's many benefits with others.  I truly believe yoga can make the world a better place, one person...one breath...at a time. 

     I invite you to join me anytime in this beautiful practice of uniting our body, mind, and spirit to create a healthier life for ourselves and our community.  My classes are open to students of all body types, abilities, and levels.  Whatever your intention might be, I honor you along your journey and hope you will leave your mat feeling lighter, more carefree, and ready to share a smile with others.  My mission is to spread the light that shines in each and every one of us, as we illuminate the entire world, one heart at a time.











"Move the way love moves.
Find passion within compassion."

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